"DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition

Between January 8 and 1716, Bvlgari "DIVA of rolex replica BVLGARI Eternal Goddess" Art Exhibition in Shanghai IFC a layer of the atrium open to the public. "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition and replica watches uk Shanghai Guojin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening Bulgari and ELLE jointly held the "DIVA of BVLGARI Eternal Goddess" exhibition in Shanghai IFC grand opening The art world of the muse who contains the beauty of the rolex replica classic, although the time in the shock of a present, but also let everyone stop I. And the eternal goddess of Bulgari is Empress Dowager, in no way, reflecting the graceful graceful gesture of contemporary women, calm and confident style. Adhering to the profound cultural heritage of Italy, Bulgari and ELLE carefully combing the context of global fashion development, visit the goddess of the traces of development, so that the beauty of the classic and flirting. "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" exhibition with a new perspective to show the legend of the muse and art: the whole exhibition to "look at the goddess of the posture, the attitude of the goddess of the goddess, the goddess of the devil, the goddess of the gods; "For the idea, from the" Attitude of DIVA goddess attitude "" Inspiration of DIVA goddess inspiration "" Dialogue of DIVA dialogue goddess "three for the extension, and strive to highlight the" Femininity grace "," Prosperity grace "," Fertility nurtured " , The depth of the goddess in the modern society to show the open-minded, elegant and tough attitude and spirit. "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition and Shanghai Guojin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening Mr. Huang Zhisheng, Director of Shanghai IFC Shopping Center, Antoine Pin, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia, and Stefano Beltrame, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai "Rome has a long history of 2,700 years and is influenced by Bulgari to pay tribute to Rome for its superb skills and bold style," said Ping Xingtao, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Australia. "Over the past 130 years, Bulgari deeply affect the global women.Women famous actress and celebrities wearing Bulgari jewelry, emitting bright light, but also proved that the Bulgari jewelry as classic film-like long-lasting, Jun Mei eternal. Diva series contains Bao Ge I am the symbol, I was Diva "spirit, Diva series to the female inspiring character to pay tribute, focus on highlighting the" Femininity grace "," Prosperity grace "," Fertility nurture "," fertility " "We are also honored to be able to work with China's top trend magazine ELLE and have the privilege to invite Nicole Zhang and the French artist, Christian De Laubadère, to bring their outstanding works of art to the exhibition. " "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition and Shanghai Guojin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" exhibition site "DIVA of BVLGARI" curator ELLE editor Xiao Xue of this exhibition full of hope, she hopes that the exhibition of these styles and have the idea of ​​the goddess will become the backbone of the era of women. ELLE defines and witnessed the rise and development of the Eastern DIVA goddess, whether it is mature Naomi Watts, or the charm of revealing stubborn Shu Qi. They are from the pilgrimage to maturity, and then become the admirement of the muse, not a day into a million into the world attention. DIVA, a symbol of each woman's desire, but also every woman's motivation. Designer Nicole Zhang for the exhibition specially designed two "DIVA" for the inspiration of the costume is also a surprise appearance, with a fan-shaped outline of the perfect interpretation of the goddess of grace, with irregular and escape style to convey more confident, more bold Of the independent female characteristics, amazing everyone. The work of a inspired by the Bulgari classic fan-shaped shape to the smooth movement of modern lines as the keynote, the use of a surreal approach, re-interpretation of the fan-shaped irregular flow, from matte to light a variety of micro-pink, Subtle to convey more confident and more bold independent women. Works of two inspired by the Bvlgari jewelry series of traditional or future characteristics, the use of Italy's latest high-tech plastic fabric can be free, and shoulder transparent fabric to create a visual dislocation of the simple A-type dress, the classic mutation in the future Simple and varied surprise. Christian de Laubadère (Christian De Laubadère) will be a steady stream of Chinese culture condensed into a woman under the brush neck - a connection between the head and body, most of the time is not exposed sexy parts, because women can not see their own neck , At least not directly see. Whether it is a simple loose braids, or decorated with pearls, bamboo clips or ribs of the fine hair, Lu power of the neck of the women have given a unique personality, or Western style, or Asian tradition. He decorated the neck and neck of women with embroidered satin, lace, oriental fabric, Indian fabric, Chinese painting fan or his own exquisite pattern. Female neck and shoulder silhouette flat on the surface of the fine coal ash above, each one has a unique hairstyle and decoration, can not help but think of the beauty of the Italian Renaissance. "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition and Shanghai Guojin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening French artist Christian De Laubadère works The "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" show all-round set off the treasure Gerry eternal goddess extraordinary extraordinary female style. The goddess of the natural temperament and stretch of beauty all represent the style of the times, to encourage the individual women's freedom and strong. And Bulgari unique quality and unique style of the wind is through the times, continue to affect the global women. As gorgeous and changing time in general, Bulgari with enthusiasm and faith, to promote the art of gorgeous bloom, and guide each woman to freedom and Zoran development, until you do not need to envy anyone. Every woman is DIVA, do their own muse, show the unique characteristics of life in the stage to the interpretation of the world's long-lasting charm of women - this is the Bvlgari's DIVA spirit. Shanghai Guo Jin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening "DIVA of BVLGARI eternal goddess" Bvlgari exhibition and Shanghai Guojin Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening Bulgari Shanghai State Gold Peter Marino concept boutique grand opening January 8, 2016, the Italian jewelry family, "King of colored gemstones" Bulgari's Shanghai State Center boutique reload grand opening, the store by the famous architect Peter Marino (Peter Marino) for its exclusive , To show a refreshing architectural design concept. This new architectural design concept has been popularized by LVMH in the world's major cities, and the new design style combines the iconic architectural elements of the brand, Mediterranean and Roman tradition of origin, reflecting the Italian classical culture and modern atmosphere of the collision combined. Store mainly used in ancient Roman architecture in the typical marble and stone, the use of classical geometric patterns and give its modern interpretation, tradition and innovation continue to intertwined integration. Boutique 63 square meters of entrance, decorated with black antique marble and ivory stone pillars, two huge windows with consistent personal color and cloth. Design inspiration from the Roman Pantheon tiles of the MagliaPantheon mesh decoration, in the light of copper backlighting with the window each other. At the entrance of the ivory stone pillars facing the customer and surrounded by Bvlgari one of the classic signs: red porphyry made of octagonal star pattern, a symbol of the balance of the universe, harmony and order. The eight lines symbolize four datum angles (southeast northwest) and four moments (summer solstice, winter solstice and vernal equinox, autumnal equinox). Mythology, the octagonal star means "Roma Caput Mundi", that is, "the road through Rome." At the same time, the original octagonal star pattern is also part of the floor decoration of the flagship store of the Bulgari Roman Condor. In the center of the main hall, two oval display cabinets to attract customers to enter the store to explore the classic series of Bulgari. Above the counter, hanging from the two oval-shaped Murano crystal made Vistosi chandeliers, fully set off the Bulgari store luxury products and elegant atmosphere. Ancient and modern, the balance between tradition and innovation is the essence of the concept of Bulgari brand, store decoration and furniture to this concept perfectly show. 200 square meters of the store, the architect Peter Marino (Peter Marino) personally selected with the Bulgari tradition of the original Italian designer furniture design, let us continue to recall the Italian fifties and sixties affect the world's outstanding design Teachers, especially Carlo Scarpa and Franco Albini.